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Play Money vs Real Money

Online poker can be played in venues that support real money or play money. There is a use for each type of poker depending upon what players hope to accomplish. There are benefits and drawbacks to each, and they must be considered fully before deciding which type of game to play.

Play Money Players

Players that frequent play money casinos are typically less serious about playing poker than those who play with real money. They like the concept of using false paper to play a game of poker, rather than to improve at a serious sport. Be wary that these players typically rely on luck to win rather than strategy. You will likely not learn a lot from them in terms of improving your game, but you may be able to win more easily.

Benefits of Play Money

While it can be frustrating for serious players to attempt to hone their skills with play money against opponents who do not take their moves seriously, there is a benefit to playing without real money. This includes gaining experience in a safe environment and building confidence. You can play a lot of games with play money to get comfortable with the flow of the game gambling as well as the lingo. You can also boost your confidence by winning easily against players who make silly moves at their own expense.

Playing poker with play money does have its usefulness. However, for serious players to advance their skills it is necessary to play with real money against other players that are dedicated to their craft.