Luck in Poker

There are some players that believe that luck is an overriding factor in winning poker. The truth is that luck is only a small portion of determining who wins and who loses. There are a myriad of other factors that come into play that each person does have control over.

Factors That Can Be Controlled

While luck does have its place at the poker table, it does not occupy every space. There are a set number of cards in the deck, which every player has the ability to reason about when it comes to determining the next move. There are decisions to be made about raising, bluffing, calling, and folding that are completely within your control and can be made based on solid strategy. Reading other players is also a firm skill that is within your control and has very little to do with luck.

When to Rely on Luck

There are times when you can leave your future up to luck and be satisfied with how it plays out. This could occur when you are playing against just one other player and your stack is exponentially taller than theirs. You may be comfortable letting luck take over and hoping that you win, but feeling comfortable even if you don't. However, if luck does not work out for you, then be sure to take the reins before your opponent gains too much on you!

Luck really is only a fraction of the elements that determine who wins and who loses any given game of poker. The more skills you have and the better you are at reading other people, the less that is controlled by luck.

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